Some Sports Betting Rules You Need To Know

Most sports books will help you understand the rules and regulations pertaining to sports betting although you need to know that they do all operate in slightly different ways. Online sports tipsters categorize sports books into four different groups – loose lines, reduced juice, depositing bonuses, and sharp lines.Loose LinesSome sports books can be classified as loose lines because the odds and returns they offer to betters are usually biased away from what is known as “real lines”. This type of sport book can offer you a better points spread for some teams especially if they have already taken a number of bets that favor one particular outcome, and you want to bet on the underdog. By giving you better odds on a less favored outcome the sports book is spreading his action across a wider spread, which helps the book stay more profitable in the long run.Reduced JuiceSome sports books offer the sports better the chance to play 105 or 107 Juice as opposed to the traditional 110 juice. In the 110 juice you would bet $110 to win $100, whereas with the 105 or 107 juice you only pay $105 or $107 for the same return. If you like to place more than one bet on any given day this saving can be very worthwhile and these savings apply whether you are a conservative or more adventurous punter.Depositing BonusesA sports book that offers depositing bonuses are generally better suited to the type of gambler who plays with a lot of money at one time. This type of sports book offers bonuses for sign-ups and loyalty programs for volume betters. Although this type of book is not generally suited to new punters, once you know what you are doing and are confident in placing larger bets for higher returns the bonuses and loyalty programs can be useful in increasing your profitability.Share LinesThis is another type of sports book that can offer the adventurous punter the opportunity to win good returns, although generally there is a higher risk involved. This type of book will often provide good odds for underdog teams.Other rulesAnother general sports betting rule you should know is that for example as a rule you have to have sufficient money in your sports betting account to cover the amount of your bets. IRS regulations means that you do need to provide genuine contact information (such as name, address and phone details) when setting up your account with any sports books.When you are signing up for an online sports book a lot of the rules it operates under will be included in the terms and conditions you generally have to accept before being allowed to complete your account. It is vitally important that you take the time to read through all of these terms and conditions as they are likely to contain information about when they might be allowed to freeze your account (and the money in it) and when you are allowed to draw down the money you have won for previous bets.Like any other form of entertainment you like to know you are working with an ethical and well-run organization. While it might be easy to think with online gambling it is okay to cut corners on your research on which sports book to invest your money in, adhering to the same principles and rules you would apply to any offline venture is the most secure and safe way to approach sports betting rules.To find out more about sports betting rules and to learn more about how to get started with your sports betting account visit our website.